60 years of Stirling Cryogenics

Stirling Cryogenics is the world’s leading specialist in stand-alone cryogenic cooling systems. This is because of the success of our Stirling cryogenerator. More than 3.000 systems are in operation across the globe, often in extremely demanding conditions. The reliability of both our one and four cylinder cryogenerator has earned Stirling Cryogenics an unbeatable reputation.

Extreme cold anywhere, anytime

Stirling Cryogenics developed the Stirling-cycle Cryogenerator almost 60 years ago and it has been the cornerstone of our cooling systems ever since. The Stirling Cryogenerator makes it possible for our systems to produce temperatures ranging from 200 K (-75°C) down to 15 K (-258°C). Businesses, industries, hospitals and research centres all over the world rely on our expertise to provide them with a reliable, on site, supply of gases and liquids for cooling purposes. A Stirling Cryogenics cooling system is an indispensable piece of equipment in those situations where constant cryogenic cooling is crucial.

Your own reliable cold source

With a Stirling Cryogenerator you’ve got your own reliable and efficient cold source. Stirling Cryogenics is committed to making you fully self-supporting. No longer will you be dependent on the bulk supply of liquid gas. No longer will you waste expensive evaporated gases. Simply create a cold spot in your process, liquefy the gas required or recondense coolant gas in a closed-loop system. Stirling Cryogenics always has the right cooling solution for the job and the global service network to support you.

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