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Cryogenic Applications in Transportation & Aerospace

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    Cryogenic Applications in transportation & Aerospace:

    • Cryogenic gases are used in transportation and storage of large masses of frozen foods. When very large quantities of food must be transported to regions like war zones, earthquake hit regions, etc., they must be stored for a long time, so cryogenic food freezing is used. Cryogenic food freezing is also helpful for large scale food processing industries.
    • Many rockets use cryogenic gases as propellants. These include liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, and liquid methane.
    • cryogenic fuels for rockets with liquid hydrogen as the most widely used example. Liquid oxygen (LOX) is even more widely used but as an oxidizer, not a fuel. NASA‘s workhorse Space Shuttle used cryogenic hydrogen/oxygen propellant as its primary means of getting into orbit. LOX is also widely used with RP-1 kerosene, a non-cryogenic hydrocarbon, such as in the rockets built for the Soviet space program by Sergei Korolev.